Click-Through Landing Page and Popup Templates

Click-through landing pages and popups ‘warm’ visitors to your offering before they move you to a higher-converting page further down the funnel. By showcasing your value proposition and only asking for a click instead of a completed form, these offers make it easy for visitors to take the next step.

Getting Started-Click Through

Get straight to the point with a prominent headline and image/video, then dive into your benefits.

Referral Welcome

Want to make contact? Use this popup to invite your visitors to get in touch directly.

Location Selector

Point your visitors to a custom site based on where they’re from. (Pro-tip: more personal messaging = higher chance of conversions.)

Discount Code

Offer your visitors a discount code to encourage them to bring out the credit card.


A detailed click-through page for promoting any physical or digital product. Easily integrates with Shopify, and includes a video widget and product review section.


Flora is ideal for ‘urban’ delivery services or one-off boutiques. This elegant theme features a prominent CTA that can be adapted to any product or service.


A simple click-through page that works for any product or service. Show off your notable customers, and fill in the details with a features section and pricing grid.

New Collection

Every new product deserves a sticky bar letting your visitors know to check it out.

Set a Reminder

Sometimes, people just need a little time. Give your prospects the option of saving this offer for later (and encourage them with a timer)!

SaaS Flash Sale

Who doesn’t love a good flash sale? Make sure that your visitors don’t miss your limited-time offers with this popup.

Instagram Contest

Everybody loves Instagram contests. Get people submitting and hashtagging with this sticky bar.

Brochure Download

Have some good lead gen content like a brochure? Use this sticky bar to offer your brochure for free and acquire leads.

Local Event Registration

Whether it’s a concert or a party, your local event could be getting a lot more attendees with this sticky bar.

Add to Calendar

People have crazy schedules. This handy sticky bar reminds your visitors to add your event or an important date to their calendars.

Early Bird Tickets

Let the world know to get in on your early bird deal with this sticky bar.

Product Announcement

Does your new product or feature need a little love? Let your visitors and existing customers know to try it.

Website Survey

To promote a survey on your page, use this popup to allow your visitors to click through and offer feedback.

Cookie Notification

Does your website use cookies? Might be a good idea to be transparent and let your visitors know.

Flash Sale

Who doesn’t love a good flash sale? Make sure that your visitors don’t miss your limited-time offers with this popup.

Trending Content

Funnel your traffic effectively and promote popular content.

Event Registration

Make it easy for potential attendees to sign up for your event with this attention-focusing sticky bar.

Instant Discount

Make your discount offer even sweeter by not requiring an email address.

Localized Offer

Give your prospects more personalized, region-specific offers. (Pro-tip: personalization can increase conversions!)

Ebook Download

Focus attention on your ebook content with this minimalist popup.

Webinar Registration

Make it easy for attendees to sign up for your webinar with this attention-focusing sticky bar.

Calendar Reminder

Sometimes, people just need a little time. Give your prospects the option of saving this offer for later.

New Listing

Keep your visitors in the loop to keep them coming back—notify them of new listings when they come up.

Holiday Announcement

Do your have special holiday hours? Do you have other seasonal announcements? Let your visitors know!


Influenced by Unbounce customer Indochino’s high-converting design, this template works for any business with a few customizations.


Have a lot to say? This extra-tall popup has enough space for your branding, a lengthy description, and a prominent call to action.

Nest Cart

Don’t let your next sale fly away. Keep your visitors on-site with this popup template featuring a secondary call to action.

Evento Contest

This popup template will capture your prospects’ attention with its commanding typography and full-width background image.

Education Discount

Capture revenue from would-be abandoners with a popup that saves the sale with a compelling offer.

Sonora Contest

Bold shapes and typography make this popup a standout choice for guiding visitors to a high-converting page.

Moss Giveaway

A no-nonsense popup that sends a clear message through concise copy and a large promotional image.


An unmissable popup template that commands attention with its bright colors and large imagery.


An ultra-clean popup template that leaves plenty of room for what matters—your product and your call to action.

Premia Discount

With plenty of space for features and screenshots, this popup is perfect for promoting digital products and services.


An editorially-styled popup template with a razor-sharp focus: a bold headline, a powerful image, and a compelling call to action.


A versatile popup template that checks all the boxes with plenty of space for copy, your branding, and a prominent background image.


The ultimate popup for content promotion, with an included mobile device frame and plenty of space to summarize your magnum opus.


A minimalist popup that makes it easy to promote your content with two image-based calls to action.


This popup’s trendy design and spacious layout make it the perfect choice to promote your online store’s latest deal.


A bold popup template that’s perfect for promoting events, contests, or your online store’s latest and greatest deal.

Fitspo (Click Through)

Need to boost membership for a health club or facility? Fitspo uses urban design cues to make a memorable first impression and compel visitors to take the next step.


Not every link is for everyone. That’s why this popup template has room for two graphic CTAs to keep your visitors on-site.


Running a webinar or event? Promote it with a popup template that fits your title, event description, call to action and even host information.


Hype your event and make it dead simple for guests to learn the what, the when and the where. In between, show them why the industry’s brightest minds will attend.

Coser (Lightbox)

A simple click-through page that works for any product or service. Show off your notable customers, and fill in the details with lightbox feature galleries and a pricing grid

Mint (Lightbox)

Hype your event and make it dead simple for guests to learn more about your speakers with lightbox bios. In between, show them why the industry’s brightest minds will attend.

Good Bank

A detailed, professional click-through theme that’s perfect for mortgage brokers, banks or other financial institutions.


This SaaS click-through theme will help you ‘warm up’ your visitors in style. Ideal for convincing users to visit your sales page.


A professional, informative theme that’s perfect for the education industry. Use it to capture leads for any training program or post-secondary institution.


This bright click-through theme is perfect for warming up visitors to your new app or exciting travel offer. Ideal for convincing users to visit your sales page.


A simple SaaS click-through template that checks all the boxes: unique selling proposition, hero shot, benefits, social proof, and call-to-action.


Perfect for tours, retreats and getaways. This peaceful theme makes your guests feel welcome and sets the mood for your ’destination’ offering. Kumbaya, my friends…


Spark interest in your ebook, course or digital resource with this high-contrast theme. Your copy takes center stage here, so arm yourself with compelling words.

A la Carte (Click Through)

Delizioso! This tantalizing theme is perfect for familiarizing your audience with any type of food service offering. Also works well for ‘craft’ shops & services.


A warm, down-to-earth theme that puts the focus on your brand’s message. Perfect for restaurants, catering, delivery services or craft food/beverage offerings.

The Big Event (Click Through)

Convince visitors to download the app for your next big event. This template is perfect as a ‘destination’ page before you ask attendees to commit.

HowTo – Startup

This SAAS template features a big, beautiful parallax header and built-in blocks for features, testimonials and a pricing grid. Use it for any digital product.

HowTo – Webinar

This lead capture page makes it easy to show why your webinar will provide valuable info, and why your presenters are the cat’s pyjamas.

Task Check

Task Check is a full toolkit for showcasing your new digital product. Includes pricing grid, features area, built-in video widget, and social proof area.


Premia is perfect for technical products/services that need a bit of explaining. Includes features section, pricing table, FAQ section and social proof area.


Showcase your latest app in style with this cheerful click-through template. Includes a parallax header and built-in button to your app store.

Polar (Not for Profit)

Perfect for collecting donations or signatures. Polar gives you plenty of space to tell your story through imagery, fact boxes, copy blocks and video widgets.

Wanderlust (Travel)

Perfect for the travel industry. This click-through page is designed to get visitors excited about your travel offers, and guide them to a booking site.


Bold colors, high contrast and a customer logo section make Maia the ideal template for an app or software company. And who could resist those rocket ship icons?


Perfect for showing off the services and reputable clients of any marketing or creative agency. If your potential clients need to see lots of detail, use this theme.

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